Version 2.55 The Glorious Return!

We are finally back to updating the base game! Most of this update went into weaving the combat stuff into the base game, but we also found some time to add 3 new outfits for girls.
You can enter combat randomly on the streets, through getting caught by the cops and a daily mission through the mission blimp. The combat stuff needs to be balanced and will likely change a lot. Also, it is only 1v1's for now while I work on optimizing 3v3's and developing a way to pick who you want as your other 2 people. I'm thinking like a protector job, where it takes a few turns for the protectors to arrive to combat in the streets.

This update is only for patrons for now, and since the last few things have been free for everyone, I've got nothing new for free users... sorry about that.  

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Combat Demo 4

Well so ends my vacation from the base game. It was fun to take a little break and work on something completely different, but now it's full steam ahead on the base game. However, It will still take some time to weave the combat stuff into the base game.

download here,

or play on Newgrounds here

There is a new sex scene in the demo, by the way.

Combat Demo 3

This time we added 2 new weapon types, elemental weapons, weapon stats, and some new animations. Also fixed a bunch of bugs. Up next is some actual AI for the enemies and polish. By the way, the money cheat from the base game works, or you can just use the cheat weapon in the store.

Holy shit Monster Hunter World! I am so excited, I hope they don't fuck it up...

Combat Demo 2

We cleaned up the combat demo and added a bunch of new things. Also a little minigame where you gain money from fights and can level up your stats. Lust is unrelated to stats right now, so there is no point in upping skill or beauty, I'll fix that later, just not sure how to balance it yet. Please let us know what you think!

you can download it here Or play it here!

Combat Progress

We are making progress with the combat demo, but it is taking some time. I wanted to have the updated demo out this weekend, but it looks like that won't happen. I should have it done tomorrow or Tuesday, sorry for the delay! Also, the updated demo will serve as this weeks game update as well, but everyone will get it, not just patrons.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope you look forward to the new and improved combat.