Version 2.68 Ninja Orcs

This time we added a new skin tone for females and 3 for males. As well as the above outfit added by a new addition to our team Seoles!
He has a bit of a different style to Sismicious and I think he can add a fresh perspective. Let us know what you think
We also updated the audio track by LaSouru
People who were unable to delete their saves in the last few versions should now be able to, what a silly bug. The code that enabled the button was not working correctly on some flash players, so I just enabled the button by default.

Version 2.67 Masturbating Mages

For Patrons, we added the new magic NPC Sihir. She runs a little magic shop where you can modify your body and those of your employees. Make a lot more sense the hair dresser doing it. Let us know what you think!
Also, we added a masturbation scene for all 3 genders that you can see by having someone train with themselves.

Version 2.66 Selectable Scenes

This time we added some new hair styles, 3 new Male x Female scenes, and a way to select your favorite scene when training in the brothel.
Some of you reported your flash player was skipping the first frame with the load button. I added something that might work, but please let me know. It is very hard to test bugs that don't effect me.

Version 2.65 February Finishers

For Patrons, this time we added a new scene, pictured above, as well as finishers for the titfuck and footjob. We also fixed some bugs and you now gain combat experience for doing... combat.

For non patrons, the latest free version is available on newgrounds over at

If you would like to download an offline version of the newest version of the game, head on over to

Version 2.64 Maid Your Day

EliPage asked for a Maid outfit, so we made one, just for you. But I guess everyone else can use it too.
We also added a kitchen background, and a work in progress clothing inventory thing. I'm still tweaking things and it takes a bit too long to load in, so please be sure to let us know if you find any issues with it.